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The World First MMA Fighter Cards based game

Our Team

MetaFight is a French company composed of blockchain and NFTs advisers supported by MMA Fighter, but most importantly of gamers. We saw the potential hidden behind the NFTs innovation as the spearhead that will elevate the gaming industry to higher standards. As such we aim at playing our part in this revolution. The “play to earn” aspect is something that we have all dreamed of and is the cornerstone that will build the gaming sector’s future.

Watching the evolution of the NFT, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain from afar, we decided that the time was right to develop this project based on the last years’ technological progress.

Our motive for this project is to build a platform on a long-term footing, in the respect of fundamental principles of decentralisation: security, transparency and collaboration. In this project we want players to find they own interest in it whether it be financial, sportive, part of a NFT community.

We are proud to announce that the platform will emerge from the cradle of the Web 3.0 at the dawn of the new year to come.

The Basics

The Game

MetaFight is a multiplayer platform in which players can make their NFT Fighter cards encounter between them.

The Player start by adding Fighter Card to their account through our marketplace. The game will be playable as from 1 card; each card is a valuable NFT that holds a rarity upon 5 (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary, Unique). The player can add a fighter to a designated league to fight and get him some experience in order to increase its power.

As a NFT’s holder from the project you will be able to compete with others holders to get reward that will have a real value. These rewards can be used to strengthen your deck, either sell those rewards to cash out their value, or to use this value to buy new fighters that will join your deck and increase your capabilities to gain further rewards. As the game will advance through time, the first cards published will let their place to the newest editions. Therefore, they will only be available on secondary market and some cards will take value as the career of the fighter grows. There is an incentive to be a possessor of a card before the rise of the next octagon’s champion.

As mentioned previously, the project is backed by famous MMA Fighters, the disclosure of their names will occur in short delays. We aim at building a community gathering NFTs lovers, MMA fans & Blockchain supporters.

The rarity of each NFT is attached directly to its rarity known as Bronze > Silver > Gold > Legendary > Unique. As much as the rarity grows, the number of cards will decrease, in this way the higher tier card will have more values than the lower tier. Furthermore, the Unique card will give access, for its first owner, to real unlockable that will be reveal further in time. Future features linked to those Unique cards are planned to be added in the future.

One more aspect that is worth mentioning is the link between NFT cards with the blockchain’s choice; it has been thought to be interoperable, in the meaning that the cards will be able to jump to another blockchain through the use of bridge. In the end, those cards aren’t blocked on our platform and can be freely reuse to the purpose of another project.

Based on our own gaming experience, we know that the player inclusion in the game is fundamental to have a satisfying and improving experience over time. We aim at develop the project in this direction.

In addition, a percentage taken from each transaction will be redirected towards organisation that will promote MMA (TBA). Our core of business is to build a project that will serve any of the stakeholder. As the game is centred around MMA fighter it is only but natural to redirect a share of the flow of money toward organisation that will have a positive impact upon the sector.

To sum up, this project differs from other similar project, in the way that it is built to be more accessible for any player, without strong money barrier to get in. While the actual Play to Earn (P2E) game sphere tends to see an incremental rise of the enter cost over time, Metafight aims at being accessible for every potential player, with a cost to enter that is very low. In addition, there is exclusive content that can be unlocked and it sides with sector supportive organisation. Its economic model is centred around the notion of fair distribution: all fighters, teams, platform & any stakeholder is rewarded at the height of its contribution. The project is made to be evolutive, durable

The Blockchain

The game is based on Ternoa’s blockchain. Ternoa is a French company that has built a blockchain centred around the concept of NFT. This team has learned from its predecessors’ mistakes to arrive to a final product that gather the positive and got the negative reworked. Among its specifications the aspects that are interesting for us are:

  • Low fees for transaction, below a single dollar or euro,
  • The amount of simultaneous transactions that can be processed at a given time,
  • Future interoperability with existing blockchains.



Cards holds a rarity among those: Bronze > Silver > Gold > Legendary > Unique. The number of cards of each rarity will diminish as the rarity rise. The Unique card will contain exclusive content that will be unlockable for the first buyer.


The pieces are a passive asset in the game that give bonus to specific fighter cards. The relation between pieces and cards will be depending on the character represented on the piece, it may be a trainer, a fighter, a named figure. In order to obtain these pieces, the process will be disclosed further.


The players will be able to register their fighters to a designated league, in which the fighter will face several other fighters. The results of these matches will rank the fighter among all the participants, rewards will be distributed according to the fighter’s ranking. The league can have various lengths, they will be available in different versions along with the fighter cards’ rarity.


The booster is the main channel to get your hands on fighter cards. These ones will be available prior to the launch of the game in this way players will be able to setup their decks for the official release. These boosters will be available in different versions that varies upon price, number of cards & rarity of cards.


The supply for the cards will be disclose further.

Roadmap / What’s comes Next?

December // Round #0 : Training Session

  • Fighters Name Disclosure
  • Christmas Challenge
  • 12/25 : Christmas Challenge rewards
  • Prepare For Fight date announcement

This Winter // Round #1 : Prepare For Fight

  • Purchase cards and Get Ready to enter into the cage
  • Accomplish the Ciryl Gane challenge
  • Get access to special rewards

Q1 2022 // Round #2 : Enter The Cage

  • Marketplace available
  • League creation
  • Fight! 1 Vs 1
  • Full Roadmap Unveiling

Q2 2022 // MetaFight

  • Release of the Platform with all features

How to get in?

If what you have read so far looks interesting to you, we recommend that you connect with us in order to be aware of incoming events and news. The first step to get in the project & connect with us:




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